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September 2006




A very sweet post about overcoming convictions. The woman you passed, with her convictions about who you must be, and also about herself...and intially perhaps some of your own. But the capacity to not be destabilized by her reaction and to take goodness back into the world in another way, well, that's all art and grace, Karen, and the voice of a Love that reaches right to the core.



Hey, Ted,

Thanks so much for your comment--gorgeous dance description...love Sufi dancing...


ted ernst

Beautiful, Karen!

Yesterday I was at a chanting event and one of the sufi mantras translated to "God is love, lover and beloved, God is beauty." We did a beautiful dance to it while in a circle. Every other person was "lover" and the rest were "beloved."

For the first part, we all bowed in namaste to the group.


Then the lovers moved to their left and stepped into the circle and spun around to face the beloveds and we bowed in namaste to our partners.


then back in the circle (to the left again)


then left again with a new partner

mah-bud- lil- lah

and repeat once more. Then on to the beauty part with arms around waists all around the cirle:

Allah ya jamil (3x)
Allah allah

then repeat from above.

I'm still singing it more than 24 hours later. :-) Enjoy.

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