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June 2007


Leah Libow

Thank you Karen for this well thought out response to conspicuous consumption. Jack Kornfield in a Dharma talk repeated some advice he got from a teacher..."Why not want what you have, and not want what you don't have." This teaching has stuck with me through thick and thin. And now, as I begin to create a life of contentment, I find myself balancing my need for new clothing, a new job, stuff to make my home cozy, more money in the bank, and more time on my hands,... with what what you call conspicuous contentment. I find myself stepping back from the almost painful desire of thinking that i need cetain things on the outside to make the struggles of transitioning from Graduate to Post-Grad and health challenged to energetic and able bodied easier....and taking a look at what is most important to me: ease and wellness of body, mind and spirit, time with friends and family (and other fuzzy creatures), sharing my talents with the world (ie meaningful work), political activism, enjoying nature, fun and relaxation...etc.etc..

Contentment comes from a place deep inside oneself where judgement is left out to dry, and self love reigns. (sometimes easier said then done)

Like you said, the yearning and desire we each feel to the core is not about purchasing the latest fashion...its about self expression and realtionship to our selves and others...when we have true quality of Life (without the pricetag), when we Love and are Loved, what more could we really want?

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