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November 2008


Karen Sella

Thanks very much for the kind comment, Lisa, and for sharing links with others. I'm in the midst of writing a book, so I'm not publishing as much on the blog, but still post here occasionally and will likely post more here after the book is completed.

Lisa Kilp

Very witty and well written as is the rest of these essays! A pleasure stumbling across reading material for a change which invokes a positive change in its reader! I have taken the liberty of posting the link to this and the rest of your essays on my FB page as I think your body of work is worth reading! Keep up the great work - looking forward to future pieces!! - Lisa Kilp

Daniel O'Connor

Great little essay... i like the fitness vs. fatness meme.

For what it's worth, a couple of additional points:

- eating five smaller meals a day, roughly 3 hours apart, is better for the metabolism than 2-3 bigger meals.

- exercise and particularly weight-lifting is also good for boosting the metabolism so that we burn a bit more fat even while sitting on the couch or behind the desk.

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