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November 2008



Thank you. Demographers can never seem to figure out where to put me (born in 1961) but I sure as hell don't have the advantages of the Boomers. I don't have much money (I'm a disabled vet) but I'm perfectly happy to volunteer my time and energy for causes that I believe in and I think, truly, that a hand makes as much difference as a dollar does -- in many cases it does more, in fact. Considering the tanking economy, more hands are going to be needed for the things that need doing.

Feelings of entitlement? Seems like that's a Boomer thing to me.

Mam Adar

Thank you for saying, seriously and intelligently, everything I've ever said about the Boomers sarcastically and bitterly. And I'll give my money to PBS when they start playing music *I* like during their pledge drives--how about jazz or opera instead of doo-wop and the geezers of rock?

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